Banquet Time!

Dear HCS Family:

So excited to gather one more time tomorrow night to celebrate our 2015 Warriors and share in the good news of God’s faithfulness!

What can you expect? Great food … lots of fellowship … awards and recognition … and (of course) our year-end season video.

See you at 6:00 pm at Porter Valley Country Club!

Deadline approaching….

There are still many families I haven’t heard from regarding our Banquet on the 19th…

Remember, player and 2 parents are free – additional guests are $15 each.  Checks made to HCS can be delivered to Dean at school on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I need the total headcount this week for PVCC to know how many tables to set up.  So even if your RSVP is for the three free spots, please let me know that you’re coming.

Thanks so much.  It’s going to be a lovely evening…

Questions?  Text me at 818-416-4443.


2015 Banquet

You are cordially invited to attend our

2015 Middle School Football Team Banquet

Thursday, November 19, 2015


 The Porter Valley Country Club

19216 Singing Hills Drive


We will recognize our fine young men who have

worked so hard this season.

We will also enjoy an Italian-themed buffet dinner.

Thanks to all of our fundraising efforts,

all players and parents will be covered!

Coaches’ meals are also complimentary.

$15 per person for additional guests – please make check out to HCS and arrange delivery to Janet Johnson

Please RSVP by Wednesday, November 11th

Semi-formal attire requested

We truly hope you and your family can attend –

This invitation is open to any supporter of our team.

 If you have any questions, please text Janet at

(818) 416-4443

A few last items of business….

Hi parents!

We had a good turn-out today for turning in equipment.  However, there were several who did not show up at all… and several who were missing items.  Please bring your missing items to the Athletic Department (located upstairs on the NE corner next to the Art Room)  Be sure to have Mrs. Leverton check your items off – do not just leave in a pile inside the office.  Thanks!  These are brand-new uniforms that need to be taken care of.

Also, the Banquet plans are in the works.  I need to get a head-count for the Banquet so I can crunch numbers and figure out what the cost will be to attend.  Don’t forget that this is a great opportunity to bring grandparents,  aunts & uncles, or friends who live nearby to support our boys.  This is also open to the cheer squad, too, as we will acknowledge the girls for all their support!  Please send me an email with your tentative head-count so we can get things moving ahead:  (please include your Player in your count – even though they are free to come, I want the total numbers – thanks!)

The Banquet will be at the Porter Valley Country Club on Thursday, Nov. 19, 6pm



Equipment Return on Thursday!

Sadly, it’s time to turn in the middle school football equipment!

Coach and I will be at the MS football shed (north end of the football field where you picked up your equipment) on Thursday, 10/29 from 2:45 – 3:30.

Please be sure to wash everything before returning.

Thanks so much!

We are finalizing banquet details…  so be on the look out for an official invitation as well as RSVP instructions.  We need to finalize all our fundraisers and get money turned in before we’ll know exactly where we stand.  Thanks for your patience!


Final Autopsy

Well, that was a difficult way to end the season.

I told the boys after the game that there are many lessons in life … some come by way of victory, but more often than not the great lessons of life come through defeat and disappointment. So there’s much to learn from our last game and from the season as a whole.

I have to tell you … after reviewing the film, I was actually quite encouraged. First, let’s give credit where credit is due. Their quarterback played a fantastic game – well beyond the skills I saw on film against other teams. Sometimes a player just has a great game against you, and you have to tip your cap to him. In addition, their running back (#31) was better than we expected, both in terms of speed and shiftiness. So hats off to Brentwood … I think they played their best game of the year against us.

Three things hurt us on Saturday: (1) Our inability to break off a long run or pass, or sustain a long drive; (2) the two turnovers; and (3) giving up too many big plays on defense. But having said that, let me give you a list of positives:

  • Our special teams play was the best it’s been all season. Our kick coverage was solid, our kick return game put us in good field position every time, and we punted very effectively.
  • Our defensive pressure up front was as good as it’s been all season. The blitz scheme worked well, and we pressured them in the backfield all day.
  • On offense, we were very effective running up the middle with our power scheme. I was encouraged by the blocking and how our backs were able to turn up field and get productive yardage.
  • I was proud of how Woody filled in for Nick at the last minute and played a solid game at center.
  • Amazing throw and catch in the first half from Jared to Dean … maybe our most spectacular play of the season!
  • Our 5th Quarter team played well, especially the pass play from John to Stevie!
  • Lots of competitive heart shown by our leaders. We never quit, and we pushed back when the Brentwood players started getting nasty. I loved seeing that healthy fighting spirit come out in our boys!

Thanks to all of the HCS parents who came out to support us … you guys are LOUD, and we appreciate it! I know there are some parents who are still disappointed. Whenever you have a losing season, there are always going to be grumblers and armchair quarterbacks. I get it. To those folks, here’s my challenge: Pick up a clipboard next year! As I say to my church all the time: the best remedy for grumbling is volunteering to be a part of the solution. The commitment is 25-30 hours per week from August through October (that includes communication, planning, administration, equipment, film work, and six days per week on the field). Let me know if you’re interested.

I’m looking forward to gathering once more at our upcoming banquet … let’s celebrate what God has been doing in and through our team over the past few months. See you soon!

Brentwood School

Several have asked for the address for tomorrow….

Brentwood School

100 S. Barrington Pl., Los Angeles

Be sure to allow enough time to get there.  You never know about the 405, even on a Saturday morning.

Boys need to be ready at noon for our BIG game!!!!!

Go Warriors!!!!!  Let’s end this season STRONG!!!


To the Glory of God!